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Fabrik Reader Android App.

Fabrik reader is new on the Android market. What makes this reader different from others is the ability to sync your ebooks with your dropbox. Now whats great about this feature is that it also sync’s the reading progress on multiple devices, so if you’re reading a book on your tab and for some reason decide to finish it on your phone, you can. The tablet optimized two column landscape reading mode makes it ideal for any tabs.

Supported E-book formats include txt, ePub and mobi formats with support for more to come soon.

Check out Fabrik free on the play store


Withings Baby Monitor

In todays day and age parents are becoming more and more obsessive about monitoring their kids especially infants. There are numerous baby audio and video monitors available in the market for this purpose. Heck…..Ive got a few of them in my house as well

The most annoying part for me at least is setting up the camera especially if one wants the feeds to be accessed when your away from home. It usually involved getting a static IP or paying a premium for port forwarding services. Then of course theres the added expense for the App(Android, IOS, Symbian etc)

Withing has come up with a great product. Setting up is simple. You pair it with your device via bluetooth and it takes care of the rest. What I really like about it is the fact that it uses a rechargeable battery so you could just pick it up and put it in different rooms without any hassle. Since its bluetooth capable you can take it places which don’t offer WIFI and still monitor our kids. Read more »


Root Galaxy Note 10.1

Android without root is like a cell phone without an expansion slot. You can still use it but limited space means all your great videos, Photos, Mps etc cant be there.

One of the 1st things I do with an android is Root it to unleash the true potential. Titanium backup root and Custom Roms alone are worth rooting a device.

Galaxy Note 10.1 is one of the fastest tablets around and courtesy and an indepth root video tutorial is available.

Please note that I will not be held responsible if you mess up your device in any way.

Below is the link to all the files required to Root your Note 10.1(N8000)

Root and CWM files required for Root