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September 26, 2012


Must Have IOS and Android Apps

by TGN

Here is a list of apps which I think should be on every device.

IOS and Android list is in no particular order:

  1. Facebook.IOS. Android. No intro needed
  2. Todo. IOS. AndroidMac and Windows. Great app to keep your todos. Best part is that you can sync list across multiple devices i.e Android, IOS, Mac, PC.
  3. Shazam. IOS. Android. Don’t know the song you’re listening to? Shazam it.
  4. iTV Shows. IOS. Android Tv Show Fav. If you’re like me following a number of different TV shows then this app is perfect for you. It gives you the airing date of the chosen shows with a brief intro. It can also send you alerts when your shows air.
  5. Team Viewer.IOS. Android. Mac.PC. It provides access to your windows or mac when you’re away.
  6. Dropbox. IOSAndroid. Mac and PC. Online file storage accessible from anywhere where you have an internet connection.
  7. Evernote.IOSAndroidMac and PC. Save your ideas, notes etc and access and sync them on multiple devices using cloud sync.
  8. Camcard. IOSAndroid. Don’t waste time manually adding entries to your phone book. Take a picture and let cam card do the rest.
  9. Print Central Pro.IOS. Android Cloud Print. Print directly from your handheld to any printer connect to google cloud print.
  10. Glympse. IOSAndroid.Next time you’re getting late and someone asks you how far away are you just open your glympse app, write their number or email and send them a glympse. They’ll be able to see exactly how far you are and watch your status live including your speed, direction etc.
  11. Epicurious. IOS. Android.Im not fond of cooking but this app is still a must have. Has a number of different recopies but what makes this a great app is to be able to make a meal from the available ingredients.
  12. Instagram. IOS. Android. No Intro needed.
  13. 1 Password Reader. IOS. Android. Mac and PC. Keeping track of all your login Id’s, credit cards etc can be tough. 1 password does this for you. If you enter any details in your browser 1password stores it. The next it can fill out everything with a single click. A MUST HAVE app.
  14. Flipboard. IOS. Android. Browse your news and RSS feeds the better way.
  15. PS Touch. IOSAndroid. Photoshop for android. Need i say more?

Only available on Android. Sorry IOS users (Ive left out launchers but 2 great ones are Apex and Nova) Some apps require ROOT. Please refer to this for root.

  1. Air Droid. Lets you manage your Android from any web browser. Send messages, move files etc all without touching your device.
  2. Androget. Download accelerator which also lets you pause and resume downloads.
  3. Desktop Visualizer.Make your own custom widgets.
  4. Frostwire. Limewire like p2p for android.
  5. Goodsync. App to sync any folder on your Android with your windows or mac. Can be on local on via internet. All done wirelessly.
  6. ImediaShare. Live TV. Good thing about this app is that it can also stream to apple TV.
  7. Market Enabler. Changes the country to the one of your choice for downloading apps which are not available in your region.
  8. PicSpeed Wallpapers. Possibly the best wallpaper app
  9. QuickPic. By far the best and quickest album viewer available.
  10. Root Call Blocker. Can block calls based on a wide variety of rules.
  11. Solid Explorer. A great file explorer which lets you move between folders as well as email files.
  12. Titanium Backup. A MUST HAVE utility. It doesnt just back up the apps but also backs up the App data
  13. tTorrent Pro. If you download a lot of torrent then this is the app to have. Lets you download torrent directly on your device.
  14. Tubemate. Downloads youtube videos.
  15. VLC. An excellent media player which lets you play almost any file type.
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  1. Faran
    Sep 27 2012

    VLC and PS are available on iOS as well.

    • Sep 27 2012

      Hey thank you for the info. I’ve updated the Photoshop link but cant seem to find the VLC Player link.

      Also I know your love for IOS so if you ever want to contribute please feel free to send me the articles or anything for that matter 🙂

  2. FB
    Sep 27 2012



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