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September 27, 2012


Browse blocked and other websites securely.

by TGN

Our reliance on the internet is increasing day by day from the simplest to the most complex tasks and this surely isn’t changing anytime soon. As our dependency on the internet increases, so do peoples need to exploit this.

We all know of that someone who’s Facebook or Email account has been compromised. Of course there are a lot of ways to do this but one of the easiest target is a person who uses an open wifi’s or who visit certain websites that have been setup to do exactly this. All it can take is a single click. You can change your password daily or keep superfragilisticexpialidocious as your password and it still wont help you. Open wifi’s without using a secure site is simply a NO NO. Anyways we’ll get into this some other time.

Lately different governments have been blocking different websites whether its Youtube in Pakistan, or Google Drive in China or Facebook somewhere else. Sometimes, and this is the most annoying thing, the operators are just simply stupid enough to block websites by accident just as Google Play store was blocked in Pakistan at the same time as youtube. Of course I would not want to access the blocked contact but what about the other  information on that same website? Just because of 1 bad apple you don’t blacklist the farm.

So how do we overcome this? Simple…..VPN. What it does is encrypts your network traffic protecting your data and gives your computer or mobile device a new IP address based in another country. Visit any blocked site you want and your ISP nor your government can stop you. Say bye to not being able to access any site.

There are a lot of Free VPN’s available for Mac, Windows, Android and IOS. Some paid ones also offer a free trial. What i use is BolehVPN. Its paid but well worth it. Setup is a breeze. Download, Install and simply press connect. Yes thats it. No configuration needed. Browsing speeds are not affected at all and you will not even know its running. Highly recommended.

Hope this helps you guys out there.

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  1. Eesa Khan
    Sep 27 2012

    Hot spot shield VPN is another good option too

    • Sep 27 2012

      Yes that is. In fact, there too many to choose from. All depends on your personal preference. 🙂


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