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October 1, 2012

Retina Display Macbook?

by TGN

As more and more websites and applications become retina compatible, more the demand for the MBP Retina grows.

There have been times when people have come up to me saying that their macbook has the best display. Ofcourse at  2880 x 1800 thats what one expects. Well Apple fans………unfortunately this isn’t the case.

The way the retina display works, the effective resolution is only 1440 x 900. The on screen elements are just running HIDIPI Mode. Apple does allow it to run at 1900 x 1200 but as of now there is no built in option to run at true 2880 x 1800 which is advertised. Don’t get me wrong here. Im using the Retina Macbook Pro and the display is by far the best I have seen.

Of course there are many ways to enable true retina but currently only 3rd parties offer this. The simplest is SetRes X which can be downloaded from here. Let me warn you that running at this resolution text becomes too small so you might want to revert back. This can however be good when using external large screen monitors.

Just a word of advise. Before you go around telling people you have a true 2880 x 1800…..dont 🙂

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