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October 9, 2012


Windows 8 Smartphones available for pre order

by TGN

Windows mobile has come a long way. I can still recall the days when I used Windows Mobile and Palm. These were pretty much IT. No android and no apple. Apps were limited but for those of us who had these devices were still happy.

Move of over Apple and Android. Theres a new(actually an updated) player heading your way. Windows 8 phones pre order begins today.

Clove is offering Samsung Ativ S for pre order starting today. It has all the usual goodies one would expect from a high end phone i.e 1.5 Ghz Dual core processor, 8MP camera, 1080p@30fps video recording, AD2p etc.

I find Windows 8 to look extremely promising. The only issue I have is the lack of apps available which is the case for any new OS that comes out. Still id definitely give it a try. There are a lot of Windows 8 phones lined up but the one which I am personally waiting for is the Lumia 920.

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  1. Oct 9 2012

    Reblogged this on emegaspot2.

  2. Abbas
    Oct 9 2012

    Nokia Lumia 920 looks AMAZING!! This is the only phone I would considering replacing my S3 for. Also very interested to take a closer look at the upcoming Windows Surface Tablet..


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