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October 10, 2012


Photo cube, the future of printing.

by TGN

We all use our smartphones to take a lot of pictures especially if you have a device like the Iphone 5, Note 2 or SGSIII which takes truly remarkable photos. The downsize is that somehow lot of us never end up printing these mostly due to being lazy. Theres a solution to this now. Hammacher Schlemmer are launching a wireless printer on the 10th of this month which makes printing pictures a breeze. Snap a photo and press print in the app which would be available free in the Android market as well as the Apple app store.

Now there are a lot of wireless picture printer available these days. What makes the Photo cube different is that not only is it wireless but it does not need any ink cartridges either. The technology being used here is very similar to Zink printers available already. Personally Ive used a Zink printer (Polaroid Zink Printer) before and honestly I was less than happy with the results. Pictures appeared dark and grainy however lets hope for Hammacher Schlemmer to release a better product.

To pre order your Photo cube printer for US$219.95 head over here.

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  1. Oct 10 2012

    this looks great, do you know the price of the ink cartridges / paper etc needed for it? I wonder if it works out cheaper than getting photos printed online

  2. Oct 10 2012

    It doesn’t use an ink cartridge, instead a patented paper is used. 1 pack which takes out 36 sheets/prints in 4×6 size is for 24.95. Per print cost would be $0.69. 🙂

  3. Oct 10 2012

    Heres the link

    Its called a print cartridge but is actually a paper cartridge.

  4. Oct 10 2012

    Reblogged this on emegaspot2.


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