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October 18, 2012

PQI Air Card

by TGN

I am by no means a professional photographer so I am pretty happy with shooting pictures using my Note 2 and Iphone 5. Both offer great results. My wife on the other hand insists on using a stand alone camera when we go to birthdays or other events. Ofcourse, no one cannot deny that the quality of pictures taken from a stand alone camera are far superior to the ones taken by a camera phone.Why I try to avoid using a camera is the lack of ability to share photos without having to first transfer everything to your computer via the cable.

Photographers would be happy to know that PQI has come up with a solution. The PQI Air Card. To use this is simple. Put the card in your camera and download the compatible app on your Android or IOS. Thats pretty much it. Any picture taken or stored in your camera is available on your smart phone instantly.

Following is the description given on PQI website

“PQI introduces the next in wireless revolution – the PQI Air Card Wi-Fi Memory Card! The PQI Air Card incorporates the latest Wi-Fi technology into a standard memory card, enabling “instant sharing” anytime and anywhere without the need of annoying wires. Regardless of the location, files can be immediately transferred in a simple step without the need of a computer or card reader, and the instant sharing of files will no longer be a problem. PQI brings an unprecedented convenience unseen in previous technology.”

This is extremely similar to the Eye-Fi cards however 1 major difference is the ability to additional storage to increase its capacity which as per my knowledge no other card currently offers. This would be especially beneficial to people who take a lot of pictures and the standard 8GB is just not enough.

I have not used the PQI Air card as yet but have tried the Eye-Fi before and unfortunately, just as transferring anything over a wifi as opposed to a cable, speeds were painfully slow. Although this gets rid of the middlemen(Cable) I dont now if the slow speed of transfer would be worth this. Only after its launch would we be able to tell.

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