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October 22, 2012

BlueAnt T1

by TGN

Bluetooth handsfree have become a necessity in todays fast paced life. With so many options to choose from its not easy picking the right one. Im on a phone a lot at work so for me it is essential to have a good, no nonsense bluetooth. Ive literally tried dozens of them from low end Chinese branded to high end ones like the Stone1, Stone 2, Luna, Icon and so on and I have to say that the one Im reviewing today gives them all a run for their money.

BlueAnt T1 is the latest addition to my arsenal of bluetooths and I think this one is here to stay.

It has dual microphones and Voice Isolation Technology and comes with  2 silicon sleeves(This will protect the headset in hash conditions like dust and rain), 2 ear clips, 5 ear buds, microUSB cable, AC adapter, and a quick start guide. Coming to the usage, the dedicated on/off switch, the separated large volume up and down buttons and the multifunction button on the front are extremely convenient to use even with clumsy hands like mine.

Pairing is a breeze, moreover it features multipoint technology which lets you connect to 2 devices simultaneously. I tried the AD2P feature which was as good as it can be on any bluetooth handsfree but one great feature of it (Available only on android) is the BlueAnt android app which will announce the received text messages through the headset automatically when as are received. This is particularly useful when driving. The best feature of this I would say is the Voice Cancellation Technology. While driving I put my car window down and asked the person who I was talking to if he could hear me clearly. According to him there was absolutely no difference in the call quality which is fantastic. Previously Ive had people ask me to put up my windows because they couldn’t hear me properly even on premium headsets like the Nokia Luna. It is always noteworthy to point out that calls can be answered by simply saying answer. Unlike other headsets which do not understand my accent, this one does it each time.

Talk time isn’t bad either. Ive used it for over 3 hours and the battery is yet to run out. Standby time is literally days. All in all I give this product an 8/10. This is one of the best headsets I have used and it is a must buy at US$80.

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