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October 24, 2012


Ipad Mini Vs the World

by TGN

Ipad Mini will be targeting the likes of Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, Playbook and such. Now with so much variety one can easily get confused on what to get.

The guys over at imore have a pretty good comparison with other tablets of similar size and specks. It is very useful if you are thinking about going for a 7inch tablet. Check it out here.

Detailed specification of the Ipad mini is over here.

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  1. FB
    Oct 24 2012

    ipad 4 or ipad mini or windows surface….what would TGN recommend?

  2. Oct 24 2012

    There isn’t much of a difference in the Ipad3 and upcoming Ipad 4. Ipad Mini is meant for mobility and cant really be compared to the Ipad3 or 4 because of the lower specs. Personally I would go with the windows surface hands down because I think it would be a game changer.

  3. FB
    Oct 24 2012

    yeah, i’m more inclined towards the surface as well but i wonder when it will be released here, or should one get it from the US?

    • Oct 24 2012

      It would take time for it to come to Pakistan. Maybe by the 1st week of November. I would choose getting it from the UK because it would be cheaper as you would get a VAT refund. You can always order it online from Clove and Handtech. I have tried both websites in the past and they are great. If you choose DHL or Fedex, the item actually gets to your house on the 3rd day which is pretty good. Another advantage is that they automatically exclude VAT if you opt for international delivery. Incase you go with them make sure to call your local DHL/FedEx office and ask them what the additional charges would be(Sales Tax and Duty)

      • FB
        Oct 24 2012

        thank you.

  4. Oct 24 2012



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