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November 5, 2012


Microsoft Surface

by TGN

Windows 8Microsoft Surface RT was released about a week ago but I finally managed to get my hands on one today. Lets start of with one thing at a time. Initial startup took about 5 minutes and was extremely simple. Ill just give a brief review
since Im very excited to “play” with my new machine. ūüôā

Looks: 8/10

This is one sleek looking device. With a screen size of 10.6 inches it weighs around .70kg. Some people might consider this heavy but for me this makes it feel like an extremely well built solid device. The package I chose came with a touch keyboard cover. It is pretty similar to the Ipads smart cover but whats MUCH much better about this is that when it not protecting your screen, its being used as a keyboard. When flipping out the kickstand and using the touch cover one really does not feel like they are using a tablet.


I got the 32GB version of the surface and it was disappointing to see that only around 15GB was useable however the inclusion of MicroSDHC means you can add in an additional 64Gb memory so Im not too worried here. There is also a full size USB 2.0(One can attach most usb devices to it) and an HD video port. I especially like the USB 2.0 because apart from attaching the usual peripherials like mouse etc, one can also put a regular memory stick and copy data.This is very useful for a million+1 reasons. Instead of the usual Intel x86 platform, windows RT has gone with the ARM designed Nvidia Tegra 3 processor and 2GB of RAM which will be beneficial in terms of power usage.


10.6″ ClearType HD Display with¬†1366×768 pixels. Of course this¬†isn’t¬†the Ipads retina display but believe me its still very¬†pleasant¬†to look at. Most if not all high end tablets claim anti fingerprint coating. While I have yet to come across any tablet which offers true anti fingerprint I must say Microsoft Surface has done a good job here.


Dual interfaces. It has the modern live tiles( If¬†you’ve¬†used a windows 7 phone you should know what this is) and the regular desktop. The tiles are a refreshing look to the old layout and gives you information at a¬†glance. A lot of new features are here which I wont get into at the moment. I pretty much found my everyday apps¬†but the market is limited, but so was the App Store and Android Market when they launched so I have no complaints here……yet. One key feature which I found very useful was the search feature. You can swipe the bezel from right to left and choose the search function. The useful part is the ability to search any of the apps or even the Microsoft store right from here. For people using Windows at their work place this is a dream come true because unlike the limitations on the Ipad, you can just copy the file to your surface and continue working. Of course multitasking is here and works like a charm. Sliding your finger from left to right shows you all the running apps while dragging your finger from top to¬†bottom¬†closes it.


The Surface offers dual cameras, both 720p. The absence of flash and autofocus makes it one of the worst devices to shoot a photo with. For Skype and video the cameras were okay.


Definitely a buy. This is the 1st attempt TRUE by Microsoft to change the way people¬†interact¬†with their PC’s. Not just this but this is a good looking device with specs to match.

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  1. FB
    Nov 6 2012

    where can it be bought from?

  2. Nov 6 2012 is the only place in Lahore Ive found to have them.

  3. FB
    Nov 6 2012

    thank you.


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