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November 13, 2012

Vuzix M100

by TGN

I know a lot of us are eagerly waiting for Google glass to be launched. This would be the beginning to a new era in computing. While the launch date is yet unknown, Vuzix has today revealed their competitor to Google Glass, and the best part is launch is just a few months away.

The Vuzix Smart Glasses M100, as it will be known, is a wearable Android which has a virtual display eyepiece, built in Wifi(b/g/n), bluetooth and 720p HD camera, 3-axis head tracker, gyroscope, GPS, and a digital compass. Equipped with a WQVGA resolution(16:9 widescreen) it will provide the user the impression of a 4 inch smart phone screen. It will be running on Android Jelly Bean 1Ghz OMAP4430 processor with 1GM of Ram and 4GB of flash storage.

Wearable PC

Vuzix claims the M100 battery life of 8hrs of handsfree use, or two hours of hands-free use with the display running. Unfortunately it looks like battery life would be a real challenge for all such devices because 2 hours is certainly not enough.

It will also have the ability to work in partnership with your iOS or Android smartphone which would include hands-free calling, photography, web browsing and visual navigation.  Any smartphone app which can output to an external monitor will be supported as per Vuzix, and this Im sure opens the doors to countless possibilities.

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