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November 18, 2012

Traxxas Summit

by TGN

SummitTraxxas Summit is an all terrain vehicle which offers high-Low transmission and remote locking differentials to ensure your RC can make it thru the toughest of places, and believe me it actually does. Mud, Snow, water(Yes it is 100% waterproof, you can literally throw it in your swimming pool) nothing gets in its way. Thanks to its independant suspension it goes where no other RC can go and you can hold me to this. Now Ive had this monster for over a year and I have yet to find another RC which I like more than this.

This RC is powerful and powerful is putting it lightly. Of course with a Titan 775 motor this is what is expected.

Impossible climb……..not for the summit. Put the transmission into first gear for a super-low 70:1 gear ratio and lock the front and rear T-Lock differentials for maximum traction and I guarantee it will go where you thought it was impossible. Looking for some speed, flip the switch to unlock the diffs, put it in 2nd gear and squeeze the throttle. Speeds with Lipo batteries are around 30 Mph which isnt all that high but then again this RC isnt mean for speed….its meant for power.

I actually once tied my sons small plastic car behind it, made my 3 year old son sit on it and pressed the accelerator on the remote. I was shocked……not only did it move, but it very easily simply pulled him and that too on grass.Check out the video

Traxxas Summit has been one of my best buy’s and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes RC even just slightly. Dont take my word for it, youtube Traxxas summit pulling kids, Traxxas summit water, Traxxas summit power and youll be just as shocked as I was when I saw it.

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