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December 4, 2012

Indoor Google Maps

by TGN
Sample of Google Indoor Maps

Sample of Google Indoor Maps

I remember back in the 80’s travelling with my grandfather to different countries. As a child I always feared getting lost there and would always ask him how he manages to travel in unfamiliar places. Fast forward to today and getting lost if you have a cell phone is almost impossible thanks to a wide variety of online and offline maps.

One of my personal favorite map app is google maps. They have their 3D maps, Offline maps, Street view and even street view underwater maps so when they came out with their indoor maps it was another great product.

Almost all locations such as shopping malls, public buildings, airports etc offer an orientation map which shows you where you are however it is still easy to get lost inside a building. This is where Google Maps indoor comes in. Just fire up the app on Android and you’re good to go. The great part is that if you even change floors within a building Google Maps will automatically orient itself to the floor level you are on.

Ofcourse for this to work google needs public buildings etc to upload their floor plans to Google’s servers so that they can be included in Indoor Maps. Its currently pretty slow, just as it was when google released their 1st maps but I’ve found Germany to have a pretty decent list so far. Head over here to see the availability of your area/region.



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