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December 22, 2012

Micro 3D Projector

by TGN

AAXA LED Showtime 3DProjectors, the same way as Tv’s have come a long way. They are getting smaller and smaller with higher brightness and better contract ratio. One company who are making such projectors is called AAXA Technologies. One of their latest product is a portable 720p Led projector. Now Ive actually used a few of these portable gadgets but none have impressed me so far. Due to the portability of these projectors, one of compromise that has to be made is its lumens. The best portable one so far in my personal experience has been Optoma Pico 301. With its 50 lumens it was a decent experience watching a movie on a 60” screen( Can go up to 120″) This is what one expects from such a small machine.

Coming to the AAXA Led Showtime projector, it is roughly the size of your hand weighing in at 0.7kg. Dont let the size and weight fool you. It packs some heavy duty specs for its size. Offering a 720p resolution with 400 Lumens it looks to be by far the brightest one in its size. While lumes are important for brightness, equally important is the contract ratio. 2000:1 is what is offered here which again for its size is not too shabby. I can easily see myself enjoying a movie with these specs. This is ideal for people who are on the roads because it comes with support for a number of different input options such as HDMI, VGA , a Composite Video input cable, and a USB memory stick slot for media playback allowing you to connect to not just your DVD/Bluray player, but most popular smart phones too. What made it catch my attention was that its 3D ready. 400 lumes for me is really not enough for a 3D projector because with the glasses on it will be too dark, but having this option is great. It retails for $500.

For more information head of to AAXA.

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