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Iphone 5 Jailbreak

IOS 6 JailbreakWell this isn’t the 1st time news about the Iphone 5 jailbreak has come up. While people havent been as lucky as they have in the past this time,  Evad3rs team plans to change that.

Planetbeing have been running untethered jailbreaks on their devices but havent released it as yet because they didnt want Apple to plug it with the release of IOS6.1. Since IOS6.1 was just released, Planetbeing has tweeted “iOS 6.1 appears to be vulnerable to the exploits we are planning on using. :)” and soon after another team member, MuscleNeard tweeted “Hey, did everyone know the Super Bowl is this Sunday? What will you be doing? /cc @evad3rs” which makes me believe that the JB would be released this weekend. Now my primary use of the JB is for the added customization. An Iphone just doesn’t cut it without being jailbroken which Im sure most of you will agree.

Keep an eye out on my blog over the weekend for a step by step guide along with links related to how to go about this.


Surface Pro sales begin in 2 weeks.

Microsoft Surface ProI have been eagerly waiting for the release dates of Microsoft Surface Pro. Personally I feel that this would revolutionize the tablet market because Microsoft Surface pro runs a full version of Windows 8, meaning it will run existing desktop applications in addition to the new Windows 8-style ones. With millions of softwares already available for Windows it would be interesting to finally see how the tablet leader, The Apple Ipad, hold up to this.

If you’re anything like me you would be glad to know that finally Microsoft has announced the release dates today. February 9 2013 is the US and Canada dates. International buyers wont be this lucky as Microsoft hasn’t announced any dates for them however a Microsoft spokesperson has said that it should be available in additional markets in coming weeks.


VAIO Duo 11 Ultrabook

Sony Duo 11With the launch of Windows 8 we are bound to see a number of different tablet/laptops.  I had the chance to try out Sony’s latest, the Duo ultrabook which transforms between a tablet and laptop.

Look and feel:

The Good-

The main materials used are aluminum and plastic which somewhat give is a sturdy feel. Backlit keyboard is also welcoming sight but with a $1200 price tag attached to it im not surprised.

The Bad-

Weighing at about 3 lbs it feels slightly uncomfortable to handle as a slate. When slid open I felt the keyboard somewhat awkward to use and felt that Sony could have done a better job here. The touch pad is gone and replaced with a pointer which I found very annoying to use. Initially it looked like a miniature trackpoint joystick pointer, the sort on IBM’s but its not it. The pointer itself a touch surface, something which I havent seen before.

The Good-

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TethercellAt CES 2011 one little goodie was the Tether Cell. Looks like an ordinary cell but is basically a shell for AAA battery which converts it to an AA battery.

This isnt like a convential battery adapter, infact its not even meant for this purpose. What this does is that it connects the battery power to your smartphone via Bluetooth so you end up controlling the devices power( The device in which you put the teather cell into).
You can power it on and off, find out the devices device’s battery levels and even have automatic startups and shutdowns.

Now I can think of a few uses for this apart from the most obvious…..knowing before running out of batteries and not having a spare but the real applications will come once its released(hopefully by june) and people start using their imaginations.