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February 5, 2013

IOS6.1 Jail borken

by TGN

JailbreakMonday’s…………while most are dreaded; I along with a lot of others were actually looking forward to it. We all have evad3rs to thank for it. As expected(actually a day late) they have finally released the Jailbreak for IOS6.

Without further adue following is the step by step guide. Now Ive successfully jailbroken both my Ipad mini and my Iphone 5 running on IOS6.1 and can confirm it to be 100% working. Any issues let me know.

Before you begin.

01) Make sure you’ve made a backup of your device.

02) Disable the auto lock (Settings-General-Autolock).

03) Make sure once the process begins you DONOT open Itunes.

04) Go to and download the required app(Windows, Mac and Linux available)

05) Make sure Itunes is closed. Open the downloaded app and press Jailbreak.

06) After a few minutes(2-3) youll see a Jailbreak icon on your Ipad/Iphone.

07) Tap icon once. Wait about 30 seconds and your device would restart a few time(3-4 times)thats it.

You are now Jailbroken and Cydia icon would be there.

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