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February 9, 2013

Downloads movies and music directly on IOS

by TGN

One of the limitations of IOS for me was always having to first download audio and video and then thru Itunes transfer to my Iphone/Ipad. Im going to tell you of 3 apps which will change this forever. These are available in Cydia for  free.

01) I transmission 3:

Torrents Anyone using torrents will greatly appreciate this app.

I download a lot of Tv shows using utorrent. I then have to convert them and put them in tunes after which I have to sync to my Ipad/Iphone which I then use to stream to my TV.

The process is long and inconvenient. This is where Itransmission comes it. It is a torrent client for IOS. You can search and download any torrent from any website directly in the app itself. Works on wifi, 3G and even Edge. Downloads are stored directly in your Iphone/Ipad so you have access to the downloaded videos or mp3’s anytime.

02) Music Box:

Music Box MusicboxI cant say enough about the app. This is one of the greatest apps around for music lovers. The collection available to download is unbelievably huge.You can download individual tracks or complete albums. The best part……..every track/album is free. Even better……it downloads directly on your device so lets say you are out and want to listen to a song. Just shoot up the app, search the song and download. Adding songs is a breeze. You can add multiple songs and they are que’ed up which is a good feature because you can just leave it on overnight and have tons of albums/tracks by morning.

The app also has a built in music player which is also excellent.

03) Movie Box:

photo 1 Movie Box

Exactly the same as Music box but for Tv shows and Movies. I am actually presently surprised at the huge database of TV shows and Movies both from complete seasons to the latest episodes. The TV shows are available at a resolution of 720p while Movies due to their large file size are available at 480p. Files are downloaded directly onto your device and can be played in the default video app.

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