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February 12, 2013

Hands on the Blackberry Z10

by TGN

Blackberry Z10Do or die. Thats what it is now for Blackberry. The Z10 and Q10 is hoping to change that. I am not a Blackberry fan at all. I love my IOS and Android but today I got my hands on the Z10 and I must say I am impressed.

The initial configurations are simple. When your start up the phone for the 1st time it shows you a tutorial on gensture which is pretty important keeping in view forward, back, close etc are all gesture controlled.

Under the hood:

A 1.5GHz dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM. You also get 16GB of internal memory as well as the microSD card slot up to 64 GB. This is enough power and storage for most of you out there. Needless to say Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and 4G LTE are also present.

Size and Build:

Some might consider the Z10 a bit chunky due to its measurements of 130mm x 65.6mm x 9mm but due to the build quality being pretty good, it gives you a very comfortable feeling when using it. The  front consists of a Gorilla Glass panel with touch-sensitive screen. All is all I really love the design.areas that go beyond the screen to be used with the gestures which is needed to navigate around the UI especially since there is no home button.


A 4.2-inch 1280×768 display with 355 ppi pixel density the Z10 offers a fabulous display. In fact the pixel density is better than the Iphone 5 which says a lot.


Honestly speaking Ive never liked BlackBerry cameras. There not great but I wouldn’t classify them as bad either. The Z10 is no different. With an 8 MP rear camera I still feel that similar phone camera’s like the Iphone 5 and SGSIII offer a visibly better result. One thing which I would like to mentioned, and which I love is the Time Shift feature. What this feature does is take rapid burst of photos after which it detects all the faces. You can then choose the best facial image. Its similar to SGS3 best picture but better. As for the video results are above average but whats great, and even better than the Iphone 5 is the video stabilization. Simply fantastic.

Blackberry 10:

IMG_00000006Now this is what the new blackberry is all about. A completely overhauled interface and an improved one. I just love the new swiping gestures i.e Swipe up from the bottom acts as a home button and also a way to unlock the phone. Up to 8 apps can be run simultaneously which is great. Another great feature they have added is the widget which show you realtime updates. Although not as great as the widgets on Android, it is a start. The Blackberry Hub shows you all your notifications of all accounts in one place which is extremely convenient for people having multiple accounts. The Screen Share feature is great too. I havent seen this on any other OS as yet. What this does is basically share your screen with the person you’re having a conversation with. This can be very useful for both business and social use. Blackberry Balance is another fantastic feature. It basically divides your Z10. You can keep one half for business and one for social. Both are completely cut off from one another. BBM Video has finally arrived. One of the best feature about Blackberries was/is its Blackberry Messenger. With newer clients like Facetime, Whatsapp etc the popularity of BBM decreased. BBM video plans to change that. Although I havent had the opportunity to try it as yet, its supposed to offer clear voice and video calls.

The success of any smartphone nowadays depends on its apps. With Android and IOS both having an extensive library how would blackberry compete? Well for starters the Blackberry App World has over 70k apps at launch with more being added on a daily basis. I think this is a fantastic start.


This is the best blackberry to date. No question about it. Anyone upgrading will not be disappointed (Coming from a blackberry with a physical keyboard will take getting use to or you could always wait for the Q10) but people from Android or IOS will. The Z10 delivers but the lack of apps is a deal breaker for me. Blackberry has certainly taken the right direction and come a long way but it will take time for it to grow just like any new OS. As for right now I will definitely not recommend shifting from IOS or Android.

For a complete list of specifications visit here.

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