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May 19, 2013


Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4

by TGN

SGS4The SGS4 is the latest and possibly the greatest(If you can get over the build quality) handset out there.

Now before going any further please do the below mentioned at your own risk.

Network locked devices can be a pain because you are stuck with the carrier. On the upside, these devices are usually offered at a subsidized rates. There are a few ways to unlock a network locked device with 3rd party softwares which can be a little complicated. Today Ill share with you the way to unlock this device without the need of any software. A few simple steps and you’re done. 

01) Launch the phone app and dial *#0011#

02) Press the menu button followed by the back key. After this press the menu button again and select key input. Enter 1 and press the ok button. You are now in service mode.

03) Once again click the menu button and press back again. You should now see the main menu for service mode. Here you should tap 1 which would be UMTS.

04) Select 1 which is DEBUG SCREEN and then 6 PHONE CONTROL.

05) Here select 6 NETWORK LOCK.

06) If you have followed all the steps correctly you should see 3 options. Press the 3rd option PERSO SHA256 OFF.

07) After the above mentioned  go back to the main menu(Hit menu, followed by the back key) Once you are in the main menu pick 6 COMMON and then 6 NV REBUILD.

08) Choose 4 RESTORE BACK-UP.

Your device will freeze initially then come up with a black screen with blue LED on both the capacitive buttons. This process would take a few minutes so be patient. Soon after it would reboot and you have a network unlocked device.


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  1. ANN
    Jul 27 2013

    dear tech im sad 😦 i follow all the steps but now the phone is not turning on!!!!!! i also conect the charger thinking that it was out of it and what it shows is the bateryt icon NOTHING ELSE 😦

  2. ANN
    Jul 27 2013

    dear tech never mind it turn on finally wow, LOL after about 35 mins, BUTTTT shows the same thing “NOT REGISTERED ON NETWORK” 😦 😦 😦 SADNESS :,(

    • Jul 27 2013

      Try using the network(Sim) that the phone was locked to before and let me know if you can register on the network.

  3. Jul 27 2013
  4. ANN
    Sep 7 2013

    dear tgn does this works for s3 also?

  5. ANN
    Sep 8 2013

    also cant see anything on that url u sent 😦


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