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June 11, 2013


IOS 7. Worth the hype?

by TGN

Apple yesterday released its beta version of its new OS, IOS 7 for developers. That hasnt stopped people from getting their hands on it, including me. Before we get to the download links and review, please make sure you do not install this on your daily driver. Being in a beta stage it is bound to have bugs.

Ive been using it for the past few hours so thought to share my initial findings.


photo 1



The 1st thing you will notice is the flatter with a much cleaner interface with an animated live wallpaper. The signal bars have been replaced with a series of dots with the fonts also being changed, giving this OS a fresher look. Even though the look as been changed, previous IOS users will have no problems picking it up instantly.


photo 2

I found it annoying having to go into the settings app to turn on/off my wifi, bluetooth etc. With the new control center now changing these settings is just a swipe away. Just swipe up to change the settings of Wifi, flight mode, playback controls and so on.


photo 3

Although this remains the same, it has been completely overhauled, looking much neater. There’s also an addition of a new Today screen, which lets you see what your days plans are.


This is a new addition all together and a much needed one. AirDrop is basically a file sharing service. From the Control Center you can select the AirDrop icon to share files with other iOS users. Your friends appear in a menu and you just have to select the one that you want to send the files to. I havent been able to try this feature as yet since I have yet to get my hands on a 2nd IOS device running IOS7.


photo 4

photo 5

Siri has been revamped as well with a new voices and a much better interface. I especially like the soundwave animation when you speak, with Siri’s results coming up in full screen. The best and much needed feature is the new capability of Siri to turn on Bluetooth, and increase the brightness settings. You can also ask Siri to search Wikipedia and Twitter.



Say hello to a new and improved Safari with full screen browsing. Navagation bars only appear when needed. I love the new tab browser where one just needs to flick through open tabs with Icloud tabs also appearing. Also the addition of a unified search is much appreciated.



Pretty much the same expect the fact that it now allows automatic update of Apps.


photo 13

photo 15

photo 41

Whenever choosing a phone I look at the camera. Iphones have always had a good camera but the app itself has just been very basic. I’m glad to see some changes here with the addition of filters.

The photo app has also changed for the better. Now you can browse by date and location, giving you automatic filtering of images.


photo 21

Finally apps are updated automatically by Push Notifications, so gone are the days when you’d  have to wait for them to update when you switch to them. GOne are the little icons in the tray(When switching)You can now swipe between apps in a fashion very similar to WebOS-like card interface. CLosing an app is as simple as swiping it up.


Having 2 IOS devices it can get pretty irritation dismissing the same notifications on both devices. With the new notification sync, just as the name says will sync all notifications so if you dismiss a notification on 1, you wont get it on the other device.


The beta version of iOS 7 is available for the iPhone now, with an iPad version coming in the next few weeks. The final version will come in Autumn. You can grab your copy from here. Make sure you back up your device and as always……do it at your own risk.


You need a developer account to try the beta. If you dont have one you can just download the IOS 7 from the above link, click on updates in iTunes(Holding down the “Option key/alt” on a Mac and point the IOS7. You need IOS6.1.4 to do this. Make sure you choose UPDATE and not RESTORE otherwise your device will not activate.

If you run into any error use this.

Whatever way you try make sure you activate your Iphone when on IOS6 and ONLY use the update option and not the restore. Any issues let me know however once again PLEASE DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK and before doing so make sure you have at least some knowledge about system files.


I think this is the first major redesign of the iOS since the iPhone’s release in 2007. Apple has done a somewhat good job. Im loving the changes so far which would hopefully only get better with the final release. 1 thing missing is the search field. Since I have a lot of apps it saved me time looking for them. Most likely it would(should) be available in the final release.

Edit: Search feature is there however accessing it has changed. You can now swipe down(halfway from your screen) to get to it

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  1. Katricia
    Sep 18 2013

    Whatever ios user uses this and likes it should immediately stfu about Samsung or android copying apple.

  2. Sep 18 2013

    IOS and Android are both great operating systems but yes you are right. Some of the new features are very similar to android 🙂

  3. Ash
    Sep 19 2013

    Apple is a stable company with a nice work flow, but one thing that always stabs me in the heart is their claims of “creativity” and “ingenuity”. When honestly all the things their doing are old concepts revamped and brought to mass attention. “Finger recognition” Sony made a phone in 2010 I believe that used a (be it probably much less developed due to the year) finger recognition program. Oh, but since the big Apple does it it’s pure ingenuity. The only thing I can truly accredit Apple for is their clean user interface which takes little time to master. Oh wait, but even that was proven to be used by another company’s device prior to the original Iphone’s release. To sum up this heavy-hearted rant, I am an android user that would in all honestly proudly own and operate an Iphone. Simply because of it’s iconic status, but as for buying, and then to go as far as being a supporter of Apple’s sketchy mobile empire that is the Iphone. That will never happen.

    Oh and as for this update. I think they used to try to update for a more complex and ultimately optimal interface. Then realizing the majority of their demographic at this point is probably teenage girls and propaganda fueled young adults. They decided they should simplify it and optimize features they know their premium demographic could grasp. Catering ignorance, thanks Apple.

    • Sep 19 2013

      I use both Android(SGS 4 Active) and IOS(IPhone 5). What I love about Android is the ability to completely customize the device not to mention having a wide variety of handsets to choose from unlike IOS where you only have the IPhone. Personally if I had to choose one device, it would be Android hands down. Having said this, I still think the IPhone and IOS are great. I love the premium feel of the IPhone(Of course on Android there are plenty of premium handsets like the HTC One). Another reason is that most apps are still released for IOS first. Personally I think Android will supersede IOS soon, both in terms of apps and users but for right now I think the IPhone has the edge.

      I couldn’t agree with you more on the creativity and ingenuity……which is not synonymous with Apple any more. The finger print scanning was also on the Motorola Atrix running Android and launched back in 2011 so this is nothing new. A faster processor…….do we really need that? The A6 was fast enough so would the users really benefit from the added power? I don’t think so, at least not yet. Then keeping the same camera( with the exception of a wider lens) doesn’t really make sense especially when looking at its competition like the Lumia and Xperia Z1.

      IPhone 5S has been a disappointment for me and looking at Apple’s stock prices, a lot of its shareholders also feel the same but just like the 4 and 4S it was unlikely that 5S would be much of a change. Lets keep our fingers crossed for IPhone 6:)

  4. Aug 15 2014

    Profound piece, I loved the la crosse technology atomic
    clock section

  5. Aug 23 2014

    I very rarely comment on these posts, but I thought this on deserved a big

  6. Aug 25 2014

    Very interesting critique


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