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September 11, 2013

Iphone 5S and very brief review

by TGN

Iphone 5S

I really didn’t feel like doing a review of the Iphone 5 because there’s not much to review about. Anyway here are my 2 cents.

Just like a lot of people I was really excited for the last few days, eagerly waiting on the announcement of the Iphone 5.

Sadly (and yet once again) Apple disappoints.  The Iphone 5 S is nothing we haven’t seen before… fact one can hardly spot the difference between the current model and the new Apple Flagship device.

Lets see what’s changed and why I (along with many users) are left disappointed.

The Processor:

The Apple A7 combines a new 64-bit architecture with improved processing capabilities. Honestly speaking I found the Iphone 5 to be fast enough. If you say Apple’s presentation you saw how Phil Schiller kept on going on about the A7 chip, its 65 bit architecture and so on. Not once did he share how we the consumers would benefit from this. There comes a point in time when you really dont need more speed and power(For the time being) and I feel Apple reached that place with the Iphone 5.


Apple’s improved the camera by physically increasing the size of the image sensor. This should result in a higher low-light performance but keeps the MP at 8, still the same as the Iphone 5. Dual flash is added which is a positive addition.

Screen Size:

Still the same old 4 inches.


A finger print scanner. Again not a first for cell phones. The Motorolla Atrix has had it for years.

The only positive change for me has been the IOS7 which comes pre installed.(Also available on older Iphones)

Apple for me was innovation. Unfortunately that’s not the case here at least. While companies like HTC, Nokia(Now owned by Microsoft), Samsung continue to give us new and improved products, Apple keeps to the same.

Stocks of Apple fell and continue to do which also shows that the market hasnt taken this well.

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