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December 15, 2013


DJI Phantom 2 Vision

by TGN


Been absent for a while due to work and family but very occasionally something comes up which just HAS to be shared with the world.

Over the past decade Ive had a lot of toys, gadgets, semi professional and professional RC but none have been so much fun as……………..The DJI Phantom 2 Vision. 

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision is a $1,200 consumer drone. Costly yes……worth it? Every penny.

What is it?

It’s a ready to fly quadcopter which lets you capture 1080p video footage and 14MP stills from its inbuilt camera from from 100’s of meters away. You can remotely control the camera of the Vision from your smart phone on both IOS and Android. Whats more is that you see what your quad see with almost a 0 latency lag. A wifi repeater is attached to the controller so you literally get 300m+ range. Just to give you an idea how far it can go, I flew it as far as I could see with my naked eyes and I could still see the live video on my Iphone. Simply incredible. Of course flying a $1,200 worth of equipment as far as you can see is scary……what if you loose range or sight….SIMPLE….turn off your controller(or if the controller looses range) and the Phantom automatically comes to the exact same point it took off from using the in built GPS.

I took a deep breath and when the Phantom was around 250m away I switched my controller off. I immediately got a message on my iPhone saying that the link is lost. Second message was “Going Home” and I saw my Phantom automatically returning home. Just a few minutes later it landed itself where it had taken off 10 minutes ago. This is a great feature because you can always be sure you wont lose your Phantom.


If you have flown the AR Drone or as a matter of fact any Heli this would be a piece of cake. Setting up for for an initial run required some calibration but by no means was it difficult. There are some very detailed tutorials here which would get your Quad up and running in a matter of minutes.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 5.12.13 PMThe IOS/Android app which you download free from the app store or play store itself is great. It tells you the distance, altitude, speed and number of satellites available which is extremely useful. Another use of the GPS is how it uses this for stability. In windy days even if you let go of the controls it will use the satellites to stay perfectly stable mid air.

screen-shot-2013-11-25-at-10-12-14-pmOn the controller, one stick controls height and rotation, and the other controls movement in horizontal directions. Those who have played GTA5 and have flown the helicopter in it will immediately be able to pick it up. 🙂

The inbuilt HD camera captures both still images and video. It  captures 1920×1080 video at 30fps and JPG images 4384×3288 @72ppi.

The Phantom 2 Vision has an F/2.8 140º FOV with a wide dynamic range. The shock absorbing brackets ensure you have a very smooth video and also offers camera pitch(Up and Down). The recording takes place on the 4GB microSD card(included) but users also have the option to wirelessly sync the video to their handheld device.

Battery Life:

With a 5200mAh battery you get excess of 20 minutes of flying time which might not seem much but believe me it it. The IOS/Android app lets you know when the battery is around 30% so you can bring the phantom home safely.

The Phantom 2 Vision really is really a joy to fly. I can see numerous professional uses for it as well. Over all if you have the cash and are into RC then close your eyes and buy it. You will not regret it.


Detailed Specifications:

Phantom Vision Features:

  • 14 megapixel still images and 1080p HD video
  • 5.8G Remote Controller (with mobile phone holder)
  • Wi-Fi Range Extender
  • Intelligent Flight Battery and Charger
  • Highly Efficient Self-Tightening Propellers
  • Enhanced Flight Times (up to 25 mins)
  • Low Latency Live Preview (0.1s)
  • Remote Controlled Capture via iOS app
  • Phone Tilt Controlled Camera Angle
  • Album Synchronization to Phones & Social Network Sharing
  • Ready-to-fly right out of the box – no programming needed

Aircraft Specifications:

Battery: 5200mAh Lipo
Flight Load Bearing: <1400g
Hovering Accuracy (GPS Mode): Vertical: 0.8m; Horizontal: 2.5m
Max Yaw Angular Velocity: 200°/s
Max Tilt Angle: 35°
Max Ascent / Descent Speed: 6m/s
Max Flying Speed: 10m/s
Diagonal Wheelbase: 350mm
Tilting Range of Gimbal: 0°-60°

Transmitter Specifications:

Operating Frequency 5.8 GHz ISM
Communication Distance(open area) CE: 300m; FCC: 800m
Receiving Sensitivity(1%PER) -93dBm
Transmitting Power CE: 25mw; FCC: 125mw
Working Current/Voltage 80 mA@6V
Battery 4 AA Batteries

Camera Specifications:

Resolution: 14 Mega Pixels
FOV; 140 °/ 120° / 90 °
Sensor size: 1/2.3’
Functions: Support of multi-capture, continuous capture and timed capture
Support of HD Recording (1080p30/1080i60)
Supports of both RAW and JPEG picture format

Range Extender:

Operating Frequency: 2412-2462MHz
Communication Distance (open area): 300m
Transmitting Power: <=17dBm
Power Consumption: 1.5W


Supported mobile devices iOS version 6.0 or above/ Android system version 4.0 or above
Real-time video transmission and FPV flight
Camera remote control and setting
Album synchronization and share

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    Dec 16 2013

    can you please review the lenovo yoga tablet? Don’t feel like googling.


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