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DJI Phantom 2 Vision


Been absent for a while due to work and family but very occasionally something comes up which just HAS to be shared with the world.

Over the past decade Ive had a lot of toys, gadgets, semi professional and professional RC but none have been so much fun as……………..The DJI Phantom 2 Vision. 

The DJI Phantom 2 Vision is a $1,200 consumer drone. Costly yes……worth it? Read more »


Iphone 5S and very brief review

Iphone 5S

I really didn’t feel like doing a review of the Iphone 5 because there’s not much to review about. Anyway here are my 2 cents.

Just like a lot of people I was really excited for the last few days, eagerly waiting on the announcement of the Iphone 5.

Sadly (and yet once again) Apple disappoints.  The Iphone 5 S is nothing we haven’t seen before… fact one can hardly spot the difference between the current model and the new Apple Flagship device.

Lets see what’s changed and why I (along with many users) are left disappointed.

The Processor:

The Apple A7 combines a new 64-bit architecture with improved processing capabilities. Honestly speaking I found the Iphone 5 to be fast enough. If you say Apple’s presentation you saw how Phil Schiller kept on going on about the A7 chip, its 65 bit architecture and so on. Not once did he share how we the consumers would benefit from this. There comes a point in time when you really dont need more speed and power(For the time being) and I feel Apple reached that place with the Iphone 5.

Read more »


Popcorn Hour A400 hands on.

The future belongs to media players. We have seen some great media players such as the Apple Tv, Roku, WD and so on but none have actually wanted to make me shift from my Bluray players to them till I used the Popcorn Hour A400.

CaaptureThe A400 is the fourth generation media player from Syabas(Now Cloud Media) and is their latest and greatest(my personal opinion). Measuring at  7.2 inches wide, 6.2 inches deep and 2.2 inches high and weighs 2.86 pounds, don’t let the size fool you. This is one powerful device.

I transferred the heaviest movie I had( Life of Pi which was in excess of 45GB) and hit the play button thinking it would take a good few minutes so play but surprisingly in less than 5 seconds it did the trick. The same file when played thru Apple TV………well I just got tired of waiting.  Read more


Sonos Playbar

Sonos Playbar

Sonos is one of the greatest things to happen to music in some time now. For those of you who dont know what Sonos is, you must check it out here.

Their latest is the Playbar. Personally Ive heard Read more


Brief Review Lumia 925

Lumia 925Lumia 925 is the latest Windows based handset from Nokia. With specs almost identical to the Lumia 920, this feels like a slight upgrade from the previous Lumia. The biggest issue I personally had with the 920 was its size/weight and no option of expandable memory. Read more


IOS 7. Worth the hype?

Apple yesterday released its beta version of its new OS, IOS 7 for developers. That hasnt stopped people from getting their hands on it, including me. Before we get to the download links and review, please make sure you do not install this on your daily driver. Being in a beta stage it is bound to have bugs.

Ive been using it for the past few hours so thought to share my initial findings. Read more


Tv Shows

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 12.34.20 AM Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 12.35.31 AM TVShowsAnyone who follows and downloads a lot of Tv show torrents will know that it can get tedious keeping track of episodes and then finding the right torrent to download it.

I came across an app(Mac) which is by far the best TV show app I have ever come across. Going by the name of TVShows 2 this app is a must for Tv SHow enthusiasts.

The interface is simple and to the point. You click “add show” and do a search for the show you want, click subscribe and you’re done. The next time your favorite TV show airs this app will automatically download the recently aired episode(HD) No need to track the shows and no need to visit any website.

It is actually that simple.

The TVShows 2 app is available for Mac only from here.





Downloads movies and music directly on IOS

One of the limitations of IOS for me was always having to first download audio and video and then thru Itunes transfer to my Iphone/Ipad. Im going to tell you of 3 apps which will change this forever. These are available in Cydia for  free.

01) I transmission 3:

Torrents Anyone using torrents will greatly appreciate this app.

I download a lot of Tv shows using utorrent. I then have to convert them and put them in tunes after which I have to sync to my Ipad/Iphone which I then use to stream to my TV. Read more »


Installous Alternative

Lets face it. With installous shutting down its doors permanently a jail broken IOS device just isn’t the same. Lets take a look at a few of the alternatives.

Before you can install these, you would need to add the following repos in Cydia.


The 1st one and my personal favourite is vshare-AppVV I actually prefer this over installous because there is no waiting time. Also no more captchas before you download. There are more apps here than you can think off. Compatibility: IPhone and Ipad

Similar to Installous, this is basically the same. Although it has a decent selection of apps, I found it coming in at a close 2nd to Vshare. Compatibility: IPhone and Ipad

Combined, these 2 would replace Installous in every way possible, or at least it has for me. Happy app hunting.


My favorite cydia tweaks.

With the recent jailbreak for IOS6.1 Cydia servers are swamped but that’s not going to stop anyone from being persistent and downloading the much awaited tweaks/apps.

Here is a list of my top 10(In no particular order)

01) Winterboard: If you dont know what this is then you really have no idea about an Iphone/Ipad.

02) Auxo:


This tweak is really something which was the way Apple should have made the default app switcher. The recently used apps are shown with a preview with an icon on top. To close the running app you simply need flick down. Scroll to the extreme left and you have your configuration toggle with the bluetooth, wifi, #g etc settings which saves you a lot of time by not having to go to the settings each time you want to switch something on/off.

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