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Wi-Fi Webcam

Logitech, which is known for its cutting edge computer accessories has announced a new product called the Broadcaster Wifi Webcam. The Broadcaster wifi webcam isn’t just any run of the mill webcam. It is a truly mobile webcam which lets you record or stream live video (720p)over your wifi network without wires. Say bye to the days of having to sit infront of your mac for those skype calls. Not just this but Broadcaster also lets you stream live to the popular Ustream website.

The Broadcaster will ship this month in the US and Europe for $199.99 and for this price anyone who uses a webcam on a daily basis, this seems like must have product.


Lightning To 30-Pin Adapter For iPhone 5

One things which I disliked about the Iphone 5 was changing of the 30 pin to the new lightning connector. Ofcourse it has its perks but what about the users who have invested a lot in their speakers, docks etc? Well Apple has a solution for that. The lightning to 30 Pin adapter. There are 2 types available retailing at $29 (direct plug) and $39 (short cable).

Macrumors has just reported that their readers are just now receiving emails that there orders are being shipped out. This is good news for all those who have been missing using their accessories with their new Iphone 5. If you’re one of those people with a lot of Apple accessories be sure to check the adapter out.


Macbook Pro tablet available for pre order from tomorrow

A lot of us cannot imagine life without our iPads. Usages differ from a portable gaming station, writing, browsing, emaling and the list is just endless. The key advantage of a tablet as opposed to a laptop is its mobility due to the absence of a keyboard and its size. The disadvantages however is the OS installed. The IOS6, no matter how great it is, simply cannot compete with OSX Mountain Lion in terms of productivity(In my opinion). Well…..all this is about to change.

While full fledge windows have long been available on both laptops and tablets alike, the same isn’t the case with the OSX.

This is where the ModBook Pro comes in. It is a tablet with OSX installed. Imagine running Mountain Lion on an Ipad. The complete hardware of Macbook pro crammed into a 13.3” tablet. Wait theres more…….. It will be the only tablet with the ability to boot into both windows and OSX giving the user the option to run both Mac and Windows programs.

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