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Iphone 5S and very brief review

Iphone 5S

I really didn’t feel like doing a review of the Iphone 5 because there’s not much to review about. Anyway here are my 2 cents.

Just like a lot of people I was really excited for the last few days, eagerly waiting on the announcement of the Iphone 5.

Sadly (and yet once again) Apple disappoints.  The Iphone 5 S is nothing we haven’t seen before… fact one can hardly spot the difference between the current model and the new Apple Flagship device.

Lets see what’s changed and why I (along with many users) are left disappointed.

The Processor:

The Apple A7 combines a new 64-bit architecture with improved processing capabilities. Honestly speaking I found the Iphone 5 to be fast enough. If you say Apple’s presentation you saw how Phil Schiller kept on going on about the A7 chip, its 65 bit architecture and so on. Not once did he share how we the consumers would benefit from this. There comes a point in time when you really dont need more speed and power(For the time being) and I feel Apple reached that place with the Iphone 5.

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Popcorn Hour A400 hands on.

The future belongs to media players. We have seen some great media players such as the Apple Tv, Roku, WD and so on but none have actually wanted to make me shift from my Bluray players to them till I used the Popcorn Hour A400.

CaaptureThe A400 is the fourth generation media player from Syabas(Now Cloud Media) and is their latest and greatest(my personal opinion). Measuring at  7.2 inches wide, 6.2 inches deep and 2.2 inches high and weighs 2.86 pounds, don’t let the size fool you. This is one powerful device.

I transferred the heaviest movie I had( Life of Pi which was in excess of 45GB) and hit the play button thinking it would take a good few minutes so play but surprisingly in less than 5 seconds it did the trick. The same file when played thru Apple TV………well I just got tired of waiting.  Read more


IOS 7. Worth the hype?

Apple yesterday released its beta version of its new OS, IOS 7 for developers. That hasnt stopped people from getting their hands on it, including me. Before we get to the download links and review, please make sure you do not install this on your daily driver. Being in a beta stage it is bound to have bugs.

Ive been using it for the past few hours so thought to share my initial findings. Read more


HTC ONE(M7) Hands On

MTC One M7Enough cant be sent about this handsets. I have always liked the build quality of HTC and the ONE is definitely following the tradition of a great looking design. It is the most beautiful phone out there.

Specs wise the One delivers.  With a full HD screen, an “Ultra Pixel” camera, fantastic speakers and a completely new way to see your social media. The all-aluminum chassis, using a zero-gap unibody design makes this phone one of the best looking devices ever seen.


The HTC One is almost all Read more »


Samsung Galaxy S4. Everything you need to know.

SGS4The long awaited SGS4 has been officially announced. Since the web is full of reviews and information I think its better to point you to in that direction.

The Announcement:

S View Flip Cover and S Band:

Knox and Home Sync:

Hands On 1:

Hands On 2:

Software Features:

SGS4 vs SGS3:


IOS6.1 Jail borken

JailbreakMonday’s…………while most are dreaded; I along with a lot of others were actually looking forward to it. We all have evad3rs to thank for it. As expected(actually a day late) they have finally released the Jailbreak for IOS6.

Without further adue following is the step by step guide. Now Ive successfully jailbroken both my Ipad mini and my Iphone 5 running on IOS6.1 and can confirm it to be 100% working. Any issues let me know.

Before you begin. Read more »


VAIO Duo 11 Ultrabook

Sony Duo 11With the launch of Windows 8 we are bound to see a number of different tablet/laptops.  I had the chance to try out Sony’s latest, the Duo ultrabook which transforms between a tablet and laptop.

Look and feel:

The Good-

The main materials used are aluminum and plastic which somewhat give is a sturdy feel. Backlit keyboard is also welcoming sight but with a $1200 price tag attached to it im not surprised.

The Bad-

Weighing at about 3 lbs it feels slightly uncomfortable to handle as a slate. When slid open I felt the keyboard somewhat awkward to use and felt that Sony could have done a better job here. The touch pad is gone and replaced with a pointer which I found very annoying to use. Initially it looked like a miniature trackpoint joystick pointer, the sort on IBM’s but its not it. The pointer itself a touch surface, something which I havent seen before.

The Good-

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Mac Windows Phone App

Main Screen

Main Screen

I recently gave up my Iphone and shifted to Windows Phone 8 only because I wanted a change from the usual OS. I picked up the Lumia 920 a few days back and havent really looked back because its a refreshing change.

My Iphone and Itunes were a perfect match. I had all my videos, playlists and photos neatly organized and flawlessly synced. Shifting to Windows Phone 8 I knew syncing was going to be an issue. To my surprise all was not lost. Read more »


Iphone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920

Iphone vs LumiaNokia Lumia 920 and Apple Iphone 5 both have fantastic camera’s, infact one of the best on a phone. Both offer an 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels camera but its not the megapixels alone which makes the difference. I decided to go head to head with these 2 great devices so see which practically offers better results. Read more »


Traxxas Summit

SummitTraxxas Summit is an all terrain vehicle which offers high-Low transmission and remote locking differentials to ensure your RC can make it thru the toughest of places, and believe me it actually does. Mud, Snow, water(Yes it is 100% waterproof, you can literally throw it in your swimming pool) nothing gets in its way. Thanks to its independant suspension it goes where no other RC can go and you can hold me to this. Now Ive had this monster for over a year and I have yet to find another RC which I like more than this.

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